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a final sequence so spectacular it seems almost unreal that you are witnessing it live.
— Australian Stage of PASSENGER
a brilliantly crafted story that thrusts you into a kind of live-action cinematic experience and artfully blurs the line between reality and fiction, leading you to regard the external world with ecstatic suspicion.
— Artshub of PASSENGER
Elegant, polished, stylish, poetic and technically formidable.
— Vancouver Courier of DR EGG
Creatively, it’s a treat. Visually, it’s a new standard.
— Time Out Chicago of DR EGG
its makers had considered its viewers with a seriousness most adult theatre would do well to emulate.
one of the most beautiful meldings of person, object and image that I have ever seen
— Lowdown of THE DARK
Wilson’s visual storytelling is exceptionally strong and disciplined
— Chicago Tribune of DR EGG
stunningly beautiful and imagistic
— The Australian of UNDER THE BIG SKY
celebrates in the zaniest possible way the playfulness of children, while giving them a rather sophisticated glimpse into the world of music.
take a dash of Ronnie Burkett, a pinch of Catalyst Theatre, some of the humour of Mid summer and just a sprinkle of quality Brecht and you have the recipe for this Australian wonderland.
— Vancouver's Sad Mag of DR EGG

Jessica is an artistic entrepreneur with a strong practice in image-based theatre and participative art. She has conceived and realised a myriad of artistic ventures, which respond to people and places and involve many hundreds of participants. Her strength is in marrying the strategic and the artistic and her ability to bring artists, non-artists and partners together.

Whilst varying dramatically in scale and process, Jessica's works are defined by rich poetic imagery and strong sensory experiences for audiences and participants.  They are realised with high production values and draw on multiple artforms including visual arts, physical performance, design, puppetry, projection and music. Jessica has built a profile in recent years creating both in-theatre and small interactive works for children, undertaking significant tours of Australia and the USA. She has also consistently created large-scale open-air theatre, which is where her practice began.

Across her 25-year carer, Jessica has raised $4.5 million towards artistic ventures she has visioned herself. This reflects her capacity to form compelling concepts, which are relevant and artistically engaging.

In the past 3 years Jessica’s works has been commissioned and/or presented by the Arts Centre, the Sydney Opera House, Artplay, the Footscray Arts Centre, QPAT and the Sydney Children’s Festival as well as 25 Australian venues and numerous international presenters including The New Victory Theater in New York.  She sits on panels and works regularly as a mentor and as a teacher practitioner in university contexts including Monash, Deakin and University of Melbourne.

Jessica was Artistic Director of Terrapin Theatre between 1999 and 2004 securing triennial funding on two occasions and directing many works including THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS (2000) which played at APAM and in the Ten Days on the Island Festival in 2004. She directed and raised nearly $500,000 for the massive spectacle DREAM MASONS, which took place on the wall of the Salamanca Arts Centre and played to 14,000 Hobartians across 3 nights. This year Jessica secured a $350,000 SMALL TOWN TRANSFORMATION grant for a group of waterline townships in the Bass Valley. Her most recent work was the outdoor spectacle, DWELLING which she devised and directed for the opening of the Big West Festival.  Dwelling was nominated for a Green Room Award this year.

Other project highlights include; THE EDGE OF US, a participative project across 5 small towns resulting in 5 outdoor light galleries, STILL AWAKE STILL! (2011&14);  HOW HIGH THE SKY an interactive works for baby parent pairs co-directed for Polyglot in the Melbourne Festival (2012); and DR EGG AND THE MAN WITH NO EAR (2007) which performed at the Sydney Opera House, the Victorian Arts Centre, in Chicago at Redmoon Theater (2008 - nominated for 4 Jeff Awards), and Canada (2010 - Vancouver, Whitehorse, Ottawa and the Coups de Theatre, Montreal). DR EGG won the AWGIE for Best Script for Young Audiences in 2011.

Jessica began her career as co-director of BRINK PERFORMANCE GROUP in Brisbane (1994-1999), whose feature work UNDER THE BIG SKY was a theatrical spectacle set on a the Kangaroo Point cliffs for QPAT's Stage X festival.