LUMINOUS STREETS was the first project of the The Edge of Us which I have visioned and am artistic directing in parntership with co-artists Jeannie Haughton and Mary Sullivan as well as the communities of 5 tiny towns on the water's edge, 1.5hrs outside Melbourne: Pioneer Bay, Grantville, Tenby Point, Corinella, Coronet Bay. Five artists - one in each town - worked with community members and children at the Bass Valley Primary School to create light based artworks. The artworks were then assembled in 5 tiny parks most on the waters edge and were driven by 200 re-chargable batteries, 600 LED bulbs and nearly 1000m of electrical wire, and over 500 participants. The galleries were celebrated by many hundreds of viewers on their opening night - April 8 2017 - then lit up for 5 consecutive nights with a battery recharge system involving many community members.  THE EDGE OF US is a successful recipient of a Small Town Transformations grant, a Victorian Government Initiative managed by Regional Arts Victoria.

LUMINOUS GALLERIES were launched in April 2018 as a response to Luminous Streets and the call for a more permanent infrastructure to enable the continuation of engagement with the idea of light driven artworks. 40 concrete pads - each with a single up light - have now been installed in four of the towns as a canvas for community and artists to place artworks which will illuminate at night. A series of small grants has enabled an initial 5 month program of exhibitions which can be experienced at any time of the night by driving to the four towns. In addition, Tenby Point, the 5th town, will host a winter solstice event involving its residents and boat owners in luminous creativity.