Topography is the study and description of the physical features of an area or the representation of these features on maps
— Collins Dictionary

TOPOGRAPHER draws on childrens’ innate love of treasure hunts, secret codes and imaginative thinking, to re-write an area of landscape from their perspective.

Our child Topographers will draw on mythical thinking to translate the land forms and the built environment into supernatural beings and phenomena. These elements will form a collection of individual narratives which are mapped back onto the real landscape as an orienteering style experience for an audience.

The finished journeys will invite a ‘tuning in’ to the detail of landscape, provoking creative observation of features both micro and massive and an opening up to a very different way of looking at the world – through the unpredictable and poetic logic of a child’s mind.

Jessica will collaborate with Melbourne University’s head of Anthropology, Monica Minnegal as well as inspired media artist Mik Green. Mik is a ‘passionate technologist’ with experience with the creative application of affordable geo-location technologies and Monica is an expert in the anthropology of nature. 

Topographer presents a refreshing alternate reading of landscapes that have been constructed by adults and adult logical thinking.  It empowers kids to become the imaginative ‘makers’ rather than ‘users’ of a place based interactive technology, making it accessible without relying heavily on screen-based interfaces. 

Topographer is currently in development.