The ceiling is your canvas. The ribbons your paint. You are a child.  A sculptor.  A silk worm.

  • CONCEPT:  Jessica Wilson and Jordan Crugnale
  • DIRECTOR: Jessica Wilson 
  • DESIGN: Jessica Wilson and Jordan Crugnale
  • MUSIC (and video clip music):  Lucas Michailidis
  • photos: Gerard  Assi

The coolness of silky ribbon is soft on your skin as you weave, tie and peg.  The room is emblazoned with colour as you make hanging sculptures in the sky. Your ears are tuned to unusual sonic atmospheres as you move around.

SILK is an interactive sculptural space for children set under a large child-sized ceiling.  In a rich and gentle hour-long sensory experience, children are the authors of an ever-changing collective sculpture and the temporary owners of a fantastic new play space.

Premiered as an Artplay New Ideas Lab project and then at the Arts Centre Melbourne in 2016, SILK is based on a modular frame that contains sound and lighting.  A total space of 12m x 5m, it can be configured in many ways to fit your chosen room.

 A Site-specific version of SILK involves a custom made net ceiling that takes over your corridors and existing architecture creating an your very own temporary artspace for kids.