(Stormy Night) meets a market often neglected. An audience wanting theatre that is more than soft entertainment is hard to please. Stormy Night has a quiet confidence and philosophical appeal that arrests your attention and deserves to be celebrated
— Andrea Breen, The Australian, 31 May 2002


  • WRITER: Peta Murray from the book by Michele Lemiéux
  • DIRECTOR: Jessica Wilson
  • DESIGNER: Greg Methé & Julia Christie
  • COMPOSER: Ben Sibson
  • PERFORMERS: Jacob Williams, Kirsty Greirson & Sarah Duffus

With a beautiful combination of acetate based shadow puppetry and performance, this production navigates a world of endless possibilities. Stormy Night playfully translates philosophy into rich and gentle visual theatre. 

Unable to sleep one stormy night, a young girl lies awake, her head full of questions; 'is there only one me in the world?" and "if someone made a hole in the sky would we see infinity?" As the stormy night closes in on her bedroom, and with the company only of her pet dog, she embarks on a journey of the imagination and the mind.  Based on the enchanting picture book by Michele Lemiéux which is published in nine languages, Stormy Night was created for anyone who has tried to understand the world and found that humour and imagination are the only certainties.